“The key to success lies in the soft skills development” is one of the many useful pieces of advice that the radiant business lady Nina Gadzheva gave to the young entrepreneurs attending the regional meeting in Varna, part of the initiative BusinessBooster.

Nina Gadzheva is the president of the “young entrepreneur” club, global education and soft skills coach, as well as career adviser. She is co-founder of the first academy for lady entrepreneurs in Bulgaria – “Dolls Academy”. During the event she presented a multitude of techniques for leadership skills development, necessary for every successful entrepreneur. The focus of her presentation was the soft skills development. According to Nina the good presentation skills, the ability to efficiently work in a team and to communicate effectively, are the key to success. Nina shared real stories about successful startups and concentrated on the motivation of the attendants. Her detailed description of a new business startup, inspired the majority of the participants to be brave and take the big step towards the startup of a new business.