There is 100% participants’ satisfaction from the BusinessBooster meeting – this is what the results of the survey conveyed during the event, indicate. All participants have evaluated the meeting positively with the most common grade being “very good”, namely appointed by 45% of the voters. The next most common response is “excellent” given by 36% of the participants. The least popular grade “good” was given by 19% of the voters.

The interest towards the future editions of BusinessBooster is also high – 90% of the participants said they would like to attend the event again. The positive evaluation of the meeting will certainly result into the realization of many more conferences throughout Bulgaria in the future. The participants in the survey have suggested different cities where the next edition could take place, among which Varna, Shumen and Sliven.

When it comes to lecturers preferences – 86% of the attendants would like to see foreign lecturers however almost all of them also recommend that we invite the same lecturers again, namely – Iva Abadjieva, Nina Gadzheva and Nikolay Petkanov.

The topics in which the participants are interested are various, however they share the biggest interest in the skills of the successful entrepreneur as well as in investment and financing options. These two topics have the highest number of votes and take the leading place.

The recommendations for ways of improving the conference are also diverse. The participants would like to have more lecturers, more time and more real business ideas. They also signified that they would like to have more specific cases to solve and discussions to take part in, in order to put the obtained knowledge into practice. 

Thanks to the opinions shared by the participants the next editions of Business Booster will be even better and more useful to the audience!