Frequently Asked Questions

Is the attendance at Technology4Business free of charge?

The attendance at Technology4Business is free of charge for all our guests who have:

  • registered by the Registration Form and who have received confirmation from us;
  • received personal invitation for participation at Technology4Business.

Is it mandatory for me to confirm my presence?

Yes, it is necessary that each of the Technology4Business guests shall confirm their presence, as the access to the event is provided by an individual name pass.

In which cases I need to buy a pass in order to attend at Technology4Business?

In all cases where you have not received confirmation from us that your registration has been successful.

Within the Technology4Business event some discussions that require payment are held. Please contact us to clarify which discussions/workshops are free of charge and for which a payment is required.

What position should I occupy at my workplace so that I can attend?

Technology4Business is a business event intended for corporate users of new technologies. They include business and public sector executives. If you are in charge of the technology in the company you work for or if you are a manager interested in the latest trends, this event is for you.

Can I attend the event if I am responsible for PR and Marketing activities in the company I represent?

If the audience of the event is of interest to you, please contact us to discuss the best option for partnership with your company/institution.

Once I'm registered, should I notify the organizers in case I will not be able to attend?

We would be very grateful if you let us know that you will not be able to attend the event. This will allow us to give the opportunity to another guest, because the places are limited.

What in the forthcoming event edition will be different from the previous two?

The forthcoming Technology4Business event will be held under the slogan “4.0 D_Megatrend Edition”, with emphasis on “Cyber security”. We have also prepared several discussions in which consumers and technology providers can share experiences and ideas with each other.

If I registered for Technology4Business can I attend the other events?

All visitors at Technology4Business have the opportunity to participate in our other events free of charge or at a preferential price. Please contact us to discuss what other event you are interested in and to get the most appropriate information about the cost of participation.

May I be accompanied by a guest during the event?

You may, but it is necessary for the guest to register, indicating in a comment that she/he has been invited by you, or to contact a representative of our team. Your attendant must also meet the requirements to be admitted to the event.

After the event, can I get the contact details of the lecturers?

In case you have not been able to get the speakers’ contacts during the Technology4Business, we can assist you with that after the event.